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Ugh 3 years ago
He does great... but keeps stopping. Omg. Guys. Keep rhythm. Stay down there till your jaw goes into a spasm. You dont ever pull away when she starts grinding your face. That means shes close. Then you pull away? I think this is exactly what sexual frustration means. Makes me want to get up and finish it my damn self.
Charley 3 years ago
️️Damn love this, cant get enough just keep re playing It. She is one lucky bird! This is exactly how I like my pussy Licked. Dirty Fucker eating it way it should be Eaten! He loves it u can tell! That’s the kind of Man U be wanting to have his eating down there.
Nope 3 years ago
I can tell he can eat pussy, but all the licking, then pulling away? She starts 2 grind his face, cuz it feels so good! Then, He Changes rhythm. It could be the editing....but I would grab his head & shove it in that spot!! Cum all over his face
Wanda 3 years ago
Oh yes, she’s so lucky ...
Emma 3 years ago
Oh I fuckin need someone like him atm. He just made me orgasm just watching how he did it to her.
Cherry 3 years ago
The BEST pussy eating Iv ever saw. I need me a him and will dream about this until I find someone that can do this
Ramona 3 years ago
Damn he can eat pussy. I'm next
3 years ago
Hell yea he does! Guys take note!
Michelleeee 3 years ago
How can I get on porn ??
Ediblecreation 3 years ago
She so luck.. he eating it just right.. in fact it’s oerf